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Store Data

Easy interface to
Amazon Cloud Services
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Putting flexible storage to use

Simon started an anonymous social video sharing site for gaming friends that has quickly grown to 100,000 users. The site is even taking on significant of international traffic. He just launched a popular premium feature that logs stats for teams and individuals and his users are eating it up.

The data set has grown from tens of records a day to millions. All the data is stored in a transactional database, and the reports are executed on the same production server. Outages are occurring with increasing frequency and users have started demanding more sophisticated reports that track and analyze game play.

Simon needs offers

  • Scalable
    Flexible cloud storage that will grow with Simon's requirements
  • Pay for storage on an as needed basis Payment plans that reflect
    storage use

Transform Data

Get supercomputer
processing power and an extensible platform to manipulate your data.

Transforming data problems into profit

John is the CTO of a medium sized ad-serving business. Their data collection systems are producing over 40GB of data a day from partners and client websites. John's team intends to utilize the data for improving targeting algorithms. John also needs to integrate several legacy systems in order to compute reports on data from up to 10 years ago.

John needs to implement a flexible reporting solution which requires less hardware and is flexible enough for him to 'play' with the data so he can determine what is worth mining.

John needs offers

  • To organize scattered data into one dependable place Simple data upload and management tools that consolidate his data
  • A data warehouse that won't require new hires An easy solution that cuts down on hardware and specialized workforce
  • Scalable processing power that can keep up with workload Cloud based processing solution that can scale or shrink to fit custom needs

Share Data

Collaborative solution for managing and sharing data between multiple parties.

Sharing data to cure the world

Dr. Tell is studying different strains of the common cold through Africa, South America, and Asia. Her collaborators are located on five different continents and with their help she has compiled a database of over 30 million virus samples going back several years.

Dr. Tell has several graduate students helping her analyze the data but progress has been slow, and finding the right technical expertise to manage and analyze the data is challenging. On top of the papers she is writing Dr. Tell is receiving requests from several of her collaborators at other labs to share her data set and participate in projects they are developing.

The doctor needs a solution to analyze and share discrete segments of her data with her students and collaborators.

Dr. Tell needs offers

  • Enable collaborators from around the world access her data A robust sharing and permissions system
  • Allows experimentation without affecting the original data set Tools that let her easily clone data for new experiments
  • An easy and flexible solution for running data experiments A scripting interface that supports many common languages

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